1. i made a cup of rice (so two cups total) but i didn’t bring a bowl or a spoon, so i am just eating out of the rice container with the giant plastic thing you scoop rice with. i feel like a 12 foot giant. or like i’ve entered the home of a 12 foot giant and am stealing all their rice.


  2. Omg vivi’s opened in flushing?? susurrations i feel like u have said this already but seeing it w my own stomach makes it all the better


  3. Oh gawd my mom has started sending me wechats in chinese lol i knew i shdnt have spammed her with molang stickers …


  4. r-colored replied to your post:if there’s one thing i’ll miss about charlotte,…

    ?!?!?!?!? BOJANGLES OMG

    do you know about bojangles ???? lol i love bojangles so much i can’t explain why.


  5. if there’s one thing i’ll miss about charlotte, it’s that when you leave it,  the airport has 1. rocking chairs 2. outlet stations 3. free wi fi 4. BOJANGLES


  6. And in that moment, we were all Bolin.

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  7. that moment in the middle of the night when you realize that the students protesting now in china weren’t even born yet when 6/4 happened.


  8. paradelle mmm yeah, true there are a lot of factors — mercantilism and shanghai/hk in the 19th/early 20th century is super interesting and i took a whole class on it many years ago that i have since completely forgotten lol.

    i think my original point was that it’s only been ~40 years since two continuous decades of heavily leftist policies terrorized everybody in china, so i don’t think it’s that surprising that people have forgotten about what western imperialists.

    like i’m from the northeast and my family probably hates the japanese and the communists equally, which says a lot bc we’re the first province the japanese invaded. when we shit talk the modern day ccp, we still call them the communists too lol. i can imagine it’s hard to really form a popular counter-movement when rhetorically the ccp is such an amorphous blob of authoritarian assholerly.


  9. paradelle:

    everythingrises i genuinely think its self denial and thirst for the whitey.

    hmm perhaps. i realize i may be the only person who enjoys morbid great leap forward jokes so my reply was more flippant than it should’ve. i think after 20+ million of the most fervent communist supporters starved to death in the countryside, the entire gov’t system readjusted to the fact that it had to trade within a world-capitalist system or else it’s citizens would literally starve to death. 

    the urban / rural divide ever since has shifted to the urban elites, and has supported pro-quasi capitalist policies to maintain their standard of living. like former wealthy shanghai factory owners who got deposed of their land during the revolution were asked back to help run the factories. (well shanghai is weird city, policy-wise)

    still, in general, the people whom ccp policies least benefit—the rural poor—have very little voice or are forced to move to the cities—and for people who live in the cities, as an average, the standard of living has gotten much better. if you’re han chinese and yr culture isn’t being systematically wiped out, the fact that you now have running water 24/7 and like A/C, wheras 20 years ago that wasn’t the case, is a huge disincentive to complain about general CCP policies. or even to know what ccp policies are bc the internet censorship in china requires A LOT of tech savvy to get around, so news is basically 100% propaganda all the time.

    this is kind of why the push toward direct-voting democracy in china doesn’t really make sense except as a political gesture, since even if the people did elect their own leaders, the majority are better off with the current policies. like the ccp’s current strategy is to cater to the 60% or so living decently in large cities, and crush everybody else at the first sign of trouble.

    i don’t know if being white is the goal, i think it’s just being wealthy / better off. this is also kind of why south korean culture has really taken off in china, bc it’s like a wealthy neighbor to aspire to.


  10. lochnessmorgan:

    How to Get Away With Murder - Summary

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  11. !!!


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  13. thesecretkeith:

    Okay so there is a sequel to My Neighbor Totoro (1988) , and it’s called Mei and the Kittenbus (2003)

    …Did people know about this why would tHEY HIDE THIS FROM ME OMG TOTORO SEQUEL KITTENBUSGDGSA!!

    My sister and I just saw a bootleg of this today. It is the cutest thing EVER.


  14. ca-tsuka:

    The Simpsons couch gag by Don Hertzfeldt.


  15. duckindolans ifeelveryattacked susurrations

    Now that the R train is running, dim sum in Sunset Park one weekend next month? i think once we get 8 people, we will be able to grab all of the good stuff on the carts. (maybe this shd be a facebook post?) (i’ve always heard east harbor was the best dimsum in nyc when considering cost/quality/selection, but i’ve never been there lol)